The WIMMIS Company

The WIMMIS Company from Breda The Netherlands is one of the few established advisory companies that still follows a classic approach and guides companies from the very early start.

The WIMMIS Company is lead by Wim van der Meeren and Carola Mol, both inspiring and experienced people dedicated to success "no matter what".

Classic in their concept by also guiding and advising small companies up to large scale project from start-ups to restructuring ongoing concerns. WIMMIS is specialized in Leisure, Theme Parcs and Resorts and the management of those.

How may we help you?

As commercial property developers and concept designers, we are active at the beginning of the development process. We are entrepreneurs and are very good at searching for and finding unique development opportunities. By approaching properties at a high abstraction level and then concretising them by asking the right questions, we make solutions tangible and simple.

We use the right combination of creativity, guts and vision to come up with unique concepts that do justice to the location and its preconditions. We do not only come up with the frameworks, we also guarantee them. We are responsible for making arrangements with municipalities. Naturally, we do not do this alone. We make use of our network in which we work intensively and as a team with, for instance, urban planners and architects.

Because we attract, assess, classify and offer financing applications to investors, we facilitate both the borrower and the investor.

We realise your dream!

Property Development & Concept Design